Product Design

Nowadays, in the production process, there are choices for the investors to make decision on the process, flow, and method that they would like to be. Processes on research, development, and prototype production has more roles in the processes to ensure that the products that been produced really match with the intention of the investors. In addition, by having proper planning, it could decrease the problem that might occur from the mass production process. The proper planning these days would be more details including process planning, idea brand storming, resources and funds finding, and mass production trial in order to get the best result in both the products and the production process.

Product design is a process in controlling the results of the raw materials transforming into parts or products which also transforming from ideas into physical products. The product design mainly would rely on the objectives of that particular products or close to the demand of the customers. There are several tools that been used along with the product design such as the 4P theory which would include the question of what to produce? (Product), where to source and sell as a product value chain? (Place), when to produce, cycle time, along with lead time which could impact to the cost of the products? (Promotion), and how should the objective of the products be, or does it worth the value? (Price). In order to have the products smoothly run in long term, all of the product design need to take into concern in order to compete in the market, work well, and match with the customer demand.

In the product design process, there are 2 main factors that need to be take into consideration.

  1. Initial Research: this is the process where planning take place since the beginning. It would rely mainly on research and development and gathering data from various sources including the data of market evaluation, the production process, cost, materials, shapes, basic requirement of the customers, etc. The target of this stage is to support on further product design to ensure that the product really be able to match the demand of the customers.
  2. The design stage: After gather all of the data from the initial research stage, the developers would need to analyze on the data that been gather in order to design the products based on the useful information. The developer would need to be more concern on the details of the products. They may do some prototype and test on the concept whether it match with the requirement or not. With the result of this stage, the developer could make decision with a clearer view whether the project is a go- or no-go project.

After all of the design been done and confirmed for production, the product designer would need to communicate with the maker effectively and direct to the point on all aspects including structural, dimension, and all of the details of the projects clearly in order for the maker to be able to make the products as the design and idea of the developer.

Nowadays, there are different technologies has been used in the process of designing. One of the most common things in the industries would be using Computer Aided Design system or CAD. The data that been design and input as the products would be kept in the computer system or Hard Disk. This could assist the developer to work, change, and fix on all aspects of the projects instead of restart from the beginning. In addition, by using the CAD system, the data could be more accurate with least human error.

To sum up, the information above is just some basic concept in research, development, and product design, in order for any product to be able to launch, there are lots of brainstorm thinking and process development need to be done. If there is anything that Jaje could assist you in your research, development, or production aspects, we are more than willing to help. We do ensure that you would get quality product as designed. Lastly, if there is anything we could assist, do not hesitate to contact us at


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