Rapid Prototype

Jaje could perform service on rapid prototype service with various technology and materials, such as plastic, resin, or metal etc., The prototype product could assist our customers in terms of the speed of R&D and also the accuracy of the data, appearance, and also function.

3D Printing

3D Printing could decrease lots of lead time in terms of production and development. The pricing of the products also much affordable during the research the research or pre-production stage. In addition, the products from the 3D printing process are strong enough in order for product concept testing, product assembly, or product appearance checking.


3D Printing could perform with various materials such as ABS, PP, Ps, etc., The product from the 3D printing process could resist stages of heating, strong enough for testing, lead time decreasing, and also could be functionally use as a finish product. Other related substances such as steel or metal could also be produced with difference technology. No matter materials that been used for the production, the products from the process could be assembly with each other and functionally use as a product or testing concept for further development.

Low Volume Production

In case that you require dew volume of prototype products or finished products, producing a metal mold for production could be a huge investment, however, we could produce some substitute mold that could serve the production of few volume product with affordable pricing for the customers.

Big Size Product

In case that the sizing of the 3D Printer has limitation against the sizing of the products, we do also have CNC services that can produce the products to ensure that our customers could have the product as their desire.

Our company, Jaje Moldbase (C.N.C) Co., do have rapid prototype service based on the desire of our customers. No matter the products are in R&D Process, new product testing, Concept testing, or fully function product, we could service customers in various stages. If you have any projects on hand, we are more than willing to serve you. Just contact us at jajemold@gmail.com

Thank you very much.


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