Why do we need mold?

Why do we need mold?

In the plastic manufacturing industry, plastic injection process is one of the most common methods that been using throughout the industry. One of the most important elements of the plastic manufacturing industry is the plastic mold. Furthermore, the mold for plastic could be one of the factors that impact to the overall cost of the products.

In order to invest in any plastic parts, the plastic injection mold could be one of the factors that impact to the quality of the plastic parts. If the plastic injection mold does not manufacture with quality, the plastic parts could hardly to have good quality since the plastic parts directly touch with the surface of the mold. In addition, using a good quality plastic injection machine could also leverage the quality of the quality of the plastic parts, as well as decrease the loss from the defect products, and also decrease the cycle time of the machine which could impact to the overall cost of the products.

Normally, plastic injection mold would consist of several metal plates and metal parts combining to work together, which turn the appearance of the mold to be huge cubic. Each of the plates would have its own function. The internal of the mold would have some space remaining in the form of the plastic parts which allow the plastic resin liquid to inject into that area, form up as the desire part, cool down, and eject from the mold as the plastic part products.

At Jaje Moldbae (C.N.C) Co, Ltd. We do experience in making plastic injection mold for over 2 decades. The company have products that been serving the market in various industries such as automotive, electrical appliances, household appliances, etc. We do also gain trusts from customers both locally and internationally. 

If you got any ideas or projects that require plastic parts, We (Jaje) are more than welcome to co-develop along with our customers. Jaje could be reach at jajemold@gmail.com


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