What is Rapid Prototyping?

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping is sets of method that been used to build up parts and products within short period of time. In addition, the parts from these processes could be used to assembly together as a product. These processes do start around 1980-1990 which in the beginning, these processes would be used only for parts or products that details are not priority. However, with the development in technology in the current era, the products could be made with much more details when compare with the past. Therefore, low volume production and short lead time production are turning to rapid prototyping for supplying goods into the market. There are 2 types of rapid prototyping method that are commonly use which are additive layer manufacturing and CNC subtractive method.

Prototype products commonly made by the 3d printing process or afflictive layer manufacturing which the process would be done by letting the software to plan the printing route based on the CAD file that been design. The liquid material would be spread out from the bush according to the design until the product form up as design. The advantages of this method is the speed of production due to the unsophisticated process. However, the disadvantages of this method are often coming from the limited sizing of the printer or machine. In case that the designed product sizing is larger than the printer, the product might need to be divided into several parts for the printing process the glue it up later and form as a finish product which sometimes could leave scar on the surface of the products and might also delay the lead time of the production which hard to control.

Another method that been used is the CNC subtractive manufacturing which this method would input the combining CAD and CAM data into CNC machine to cut out the unwanted part from a solid material until it forms as the design part. This method would start with setting up the solid material on to the CNC machine then further input the CAM data and let the machine operate as the inputted data. Sometimes this method would be more preference by the customer since CNC machine usually have a decent size which could operate the part with decent sizing, the part could be operate since the beginning until it forms as a finish part. This method could avoid the process of gluing part together and the cycle time could be controlled better. 

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