How many types of plastic molding?

How many types of plastic molding?

Plastic mold means the molding tools use for manufacturing plastic parts and products, which the plastic part shape, resin materials, cycle time would be the main reason that impacts to the molding type. In general, plastic molding could be defined as following:

1. Injection Moulding

Injection molding method is one of the most common methods of manufacturing plastic parts or products since this method could produce plastic parts or products that are sophisticate and detailed oriented. In addition, the parts or products could be adapted and used in different industries such as electrical appliances, household products, automobile parts, packaging, toys, cosmetics, etc. 

The workflow of this method would be start with input plastic resin into the plastic injection machine. The plastic injection machine would have the heater that could melt the plastic resin from solid form to liquid form then it would be injected into the injection mold. The machine would keep the pressure and fulfill the resin liquid into the mold until it is full then the parts or products would be cooldown to form the plastic liquid resin into the parts or products as design via the injection mold. Lastly, the machine would eject the plastic parts or products from the mold as a solid part.

In general, the lifetime of the plastic mold could be very long with the operation lifetime of several hundred thousand to millions of shots.

The characteristic of good injection mold should be well polished, good resistance to corrosion, good resistance to fragment, and should be well heat conduction.

2.Compression and Transfer Molding

Compression mold is a kind of plastic mold which work by putting thermosetting plastic onto the mold then close the mold and use high pressure along with heat to melt down the plastic and allow it to flow into the space of the mold the part would be taken out from the mold after it has been cool down.

The main difference between compression mold and injection mold would be the method of filling. Compression mold would use piston to fill plastic into the mold. On the other hand, injection mold would fill the mold by injection resin into it. Compression mold would be used mainly for prototype product which use low quantities since the cycle time of the production would be longer than injection mold.

Compression mold are also being used in several industries including automotive, households, electrical appliances, etc.

3. Blow Molding

Blow molding often used to product products or parts that are hollow in the center. The workflow of it would be by blowing the parison, solid tube shape of plastic, into the shape as design via the mold, allow it to form and reject the product from the mold.

Products that often use blowing mold for production would be hollow shape parts. gallon. bottle. etc.

Recently, the growth of this type of molding is quite high due to market high demand impacting from the change in lifestyle of people. In addition, the usage function of this type of product often could be used as packaging and the cost is lower when compare to other type of packaging.

4. Extrusion

Extrusion molding could be used to produce difference parts or products that are hollow, long, and common sizing throughout the length of the products such as tube, pipe, frames, etc.

The extrusion machine would compress and melt the plastic resin after that it would be inject to the mold which has been design with difference shaping and turn the resin as desired.

Normally, there would be other tooling been used along with the extrusion mold in order to form up the parts or products such as stamping machine, pressing machine, drilling machine, or cutting machine.

5. Thermoforming

Thermoforming mold would be used by placing thin layer of plastic sheet into the mold then it would be heat up until it has flexibility. After that, the pressure would use pressure to vacuum the plastic sheet into the mold and form the sheet into the shape as design on the mold. This type of molding would often be used in making thin layer product such as egg tray, ice cream cup, yoghurt cup, etc.

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