Plastic Parts Production Mold

Plastic Parts Production Mold

Due to the globalization all over the world, most of the production, no matter large or small pieces, that happening tend to prefer to produce in large quantity with short cycle production time. Therefore, the tools that use in productions do take an important role in the production. One of the common tools that use in the production line would be the mold for production since it is the method that could produce parts with high consistency and short time cycle. Here are some types of molding method that widely use in the market. 

Injection Molding

Injection Molding is oe of the most common methods of producing parts to supply to the assembly line since the parts from this method could be created with sophisticated details. This type of molding has been widely used in different industries such as electrical appliances, automobiles, household products, packaging, toys, cosmetics, etc.

The flow of this type of production would start with inputting the plastic resin into the injection machine. The injection machine would melt down the solid plastic resin into liquid form, then the liquid plastic would be injected to the mold that has been designed as the required shapes, then the pressure would need to be control to allow the liquid plastic to form into the solid form. Lastly, the part would be ejected from the mold for further assembly or usage. In general, if the mold has been proper design, use quality raw material, and have proper maintenance, the lifetime of the mold could be very long for several years or over 500,000 shots.

Compression Molding

Compression molding is a manufacturing method by putting thermosetting plastic into the mold then the mold would be close by applying high pressure and temperature in order to fill the thermosetting plastic into area of the mold. After that the mold would be cool down in order to let the plastic to set and form then it would be ejected from the mold. The main difference between compression and injection mold is the plastic inputting system of the machine. Compression mold would use the piston system to input the plastic into the mold while the injection system would use the cylinder to melt the resin and inject the plastic resin into the mold. The compression mold is more likely to be use in the production of prototype product since the cycle time of the production is longer when compare to injection method.

Blow Molding

Blow Molding normally use to produce product with hollow area inside. In general, the workflow would be start with the parison which looks like a stick of plastic into the system then would transfer to the blowing machine to use wind power to blow into the parison according to the designed mold, then the part would be eject from the mold. The blowing methods could be classified into 3 main types which are extrusion blow molding, stretch blow molding, and injection blow molding. The products in the market that usually produce using the blowing method would be hollow packaging stuff, gallon, bottle, etc.

The growth rate of this kind of molding in the market grow significantly due to the high market demand, low cost in production, and it could adapt to the requirement easily.

Extrusion Molding

In order to produce products or parts that are either choke or hollow with unlimited length, the extrusion mold often been selected as the method of production. The product example could be tube, door frame, window frame, etc.  The flow of the extrusion system would start with putting pressure and heat to the resin in order to melt it then it would be injected through the molding to form up as the desired shape. Normally, there would be other process included in the process of using the extrusion method such as rolling, pulling, bending, or cutting.

Thermoforming Molding

The production flow of this type of molding is by inserting thin sheet of plastic into the machine, the machine would release heat in order to make the plastic sheet softer, then it would vacuum the soft plastic sheet into the mold to form up as the desire product has been design through the mold. The products that often use this type of molding to make are egg tray, ice cream cup, yoghurt cup, etc.

If you got any ideas in making or developing any parts or products, Jaje would be welcome to assist you throughout the process in order to ensure that you could get quality parts or products and align with the objective of produce the parts. If there is anything that we could help, do not hesitate to contact us at

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