Different Types of Plastic

Different Types of Plastic

In order to feed the products into the market, there are various processes related. The process starts from the research, development, tools making, plastic types choosing, etc. The plastic type choosing is one of the process that need to be done. Therefore, the developers should have some basic ideas towards the types of resin.

  • PE or Polyethylene is plastic resin with tough texture. The heat resistant property is not quite high, water vapor could slightly permeable, and opaque. This type of resin often uses to make saline tube, automobile parts, robe, net, and bottles.
  • PP or polypropylene is plastic with balance property or the ability to return to original when squeeze. This type of resin often used to make products such as file plastic cover, food packaging. There is also advance property such as microwavable grade often called PP-microwave.
  • PS or polystyrene is a dense property plastic. It often weights more than PP. The property is often fragile. It usually uses to make single use products such as single use plastic cup. It could also be used to make other types of products with clear surface such as ruler, and CD box.
  • SAN or Styrene-acrylonitrile is tough plastic which are transparent. It often used to make products such as pen, electronic equipment, or kitchen supply since it got good impact resistant.
  • ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a type of plastic that been widely use in various industries with the toughness property. This natural color of this type of plastic is milky white. It often used to make plastic case, keyboard, and computer. It could also mix with anti-uv substance in order to make product that face with sunlight such as car console, helmet, or automobile parts.
  • PVC or polyvinylchloride is plastic with finishing texture or shiny texture. This type of resin could use to make cardholder, oil packaging, chemical tank packaging, cable, credit card, or water pipe.
  • PET or polyethylene terephthalate is often used to make plastic bottle since it has light weight, impact resistant, and also clear surface.
  • POM or polyoxymethylene is plastic that does not absorb humidity, tough, and electricity resistant. It often used to make electrical device that deal with electricity such as mobile phone, microwave, etc.

The information above is just some basic information about plastic. Plastic could be adapted into almost every industry including food packaging to heavy duty machine. In order to create any products, the developers need to concern about the usage functions of the products, shape, and design to found out the suitable type of plastic resin should be used to produce that certain products. 

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