Fundamental of Injection Machine Size

Fundamental of Injection Machine Size

In general, plastic injection machine would be classified based on the max clamping force as tonnage (tons) or kilonewton (kN) and the highest capacity of plastic resin injected based on polystyrene material as gram or ounce unit. The factor above would need to be align with the mold size in order to be able to operation.

Another factor that impact to machine operation is the screw size of the machine. In general, there would be 3 sizes in the market which are small, medium, and large. This could be different among suppliers. All of the screw size has the same job as supplying the resin to the mold for injection. The most common screw size in the market is the medium size since it often defaults option from the suppliers.

The screw size impact in term of shot weight and pressure.  The small size screw would have least liquid resin in the screw but it would have the highest pressure at the nozzle. Therefore, it would be more efficient to match the screw size with the product that planned to inject. For example, if the is product have high density with high precision but low weight, the small size screw could suit better in this case. On the other hand, if the product weight a lot while have low density and lower precision, the larger size screw could suit better. In the case that the product has high weight, high density, and high precision, the operator might consider increase the tonnage of the machine with higher clamping force while still using the small screw size.

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